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No-Code Websites
Powered by Artificial Intelligence

For Business-Class Websites

Our No-Code Website Builder AI takes code and design patterns from more than 10M business websites from CompanyEgg and helps you pick the most common and effective layouts for your business website. Skip the complex code and learning curves. The future of website design lies in no-code environments and we're the first built for businesses.

AI Powered Website Design
AI-Powered Website Design

AI-Powered Design

Intelligent Website Design with AI

Our ever-expanding dataset is unrivaled. While many website builders and content management systems claim to power massive portions of the Internet, we have the largest dataset in-house. We built a business search engine to power our No-Code AI Website Builder. No one else can claim that.

E-Commerce Websites


Full-Feature Ecommerce Included

Every website built on our No-Code Website Builder includes e-commerce for free.Most website builders are built just to sell products. We're different. We're built to handle selling physical products,services, and subscriptions. Easily accept payments online, without the added cost.


Integrated CRM

Fully Integrated CRM Solution

Our websites are built to manage customer relationships effectively with a built-in CRM solution included. With the CompanyEgg CRM, you can nurture your leads throughout the customer journey. Skip the expensive integration fees and use one built for today's online business world.

CompanyEgg News

PRESS RELEASE 08 June 2020

CompanyEgg Joins Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft Logo

CompanyEgg, one of the world’s first true business search engines, has been selected as a partner for its distinguished Microsoft for Startups program. Microsoft selects qualified startups for the program that develop innovative technical solutions supporting customers’ digital transformations.

The renowned program will enable CompanyEgg to scale its business search engine internationally and develop its “No-Code Website Builder” platform.

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COMPANYEGG 21 April 2020

The CompanyEgg Answer to the Question: What About Google?

CompanyEgg is one of the first search engines to only focus on businesses. We started CompanyEgg with the belief that none of the technology companies today truly put businesses first, especially SMBs and SMEs. Most companies that act as if they care about businesses are just selling advertising.

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What CompanyEgg is Building

We set out more than five years ago to build the first business search engine covering the entire world’s SMEs and SMBs - all 100M of them on one domain, free of advertising. Now, more than ever, we need a resource that isn’t pushing the advertising angle. The world deserves what we’ve set out to build.

We’re also building a website builder that is built for businesses. Almost every website builder out there is made for people with coding backgrounds and design backgrounds. They aren’t built for traditional businesses that struggle with the digital transformation. Our no code websites will help SMEs build their digital real estate into invaluable and sustainable pieces of their business.

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