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Business Search Engine

CompanyEgg is the largest site on the internet dedicated to helping businesses market themselves in an increasingly digital-first world. CompanyEgg is the world's only business search engine without ads. We are on a mission to publish the entire world's business data on an extremely fast platform that respects both consumers and business owners. We believe there is a better way to search and find businesses.

We are capitalizing on profound changes in technology, demographics, and privacy-oriented user experiences that are collectively driving a secular shift toward empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to take control of their reputations online. Additionally, we are providing the platform for SMEs to build their own websites and e-commerce channels from a single dashboard emphasizing website-first marketing. This enables SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) to create enterprise-level asset value in their brands and businesses.

We create small business-focused marketing solutions that are responsive to the preferences of today’s sophisticated web surfers and business owners alike.

CompanyEgg: Just Business

Your Business, without Ads

Unlike the other search engines and business directories on the internet, we do not put ads on your business information. We do not accept payment from other businesses to target your customers.

Get Customers without Losing Them

Most search engines are "pay to play." They promise customers in exchange for advertising dollars, but the second you stop paying, they promote other businesses on your company listing. We do not hold businesses hostage.

A Place for All 120M Global SMEs

With more than 120M SMEs globally, we are expanding our datasets to include SME data for every business in the world in one place, on one domain: CompanyEgg.com. We're building the first true global search engine.

Website First Marketing

We are helping business owners create asset value in their brands by encouraging them to focus on building incredible experiences on their websites with the NoCodeWebsite.com Website Builder, the first website builder focusing on websites built for businesses.

Digital Transformation

We are helping to build sustainable business models for SMEs in a digital-first world. More than half of all searches on the major search engines have local intent, meaning consumers are looking for businesses with product and services near them. For many SMEs, a listing on CompanyEgg is their first website. CompanyEgg is launching a No-Code Website Builder in 2020 that will help business owners build business-first websites in a digital-first world.

SMEs are the Backbone of the World Economy

In nearly every country in the world, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) account for more than half of the GDP and in many countries, SMEs account for more than 90% of GDP. SMEs are the backbone of modern economies.

In 2020 and beyond, SMEs will have to strategically shift to meet the demands of their customers who are increasingly turning to the internet to research and conduct business. In many countries, a business does not exist without an online presence. Consumers are using the internet and internet searches to make decisions about a business before they make any calls or visits to the business. With advertising budgets shrinking and being reconsidered, businesses are still expected to have a strong online presence.

CompanyEgg Global Expansion

We are the only business search engine and SME listing syndication platform purposely built to publish data for every business in the world — all 120 million+ businesses worldwide. We are launching business search for nearly 20 countries in the next two years.

Country SMEs Status
United States 18,000,000 LIVE
United Arab Emirates 500,000 Q4 2020
Saudi Arabia 2,000,000 2021
Egypt 2,500,000 2021
Kuwait 30,000 2021
Oman 30,000 2021
Jordan 75,000 2021
United Kingdom 5,500,000 2021
Australia 2,500,000 2021
Canada 1,200,000 2021
France 5,000,000 2022
Germany 5,500,000 2022
Italy 4,250,000 2022
Spain 3,000,000 2022
Netherlands 500,000 2022
Switzerland 350,000 2022
Sweden 400,000 2022
Poland 1,300,000 2022
India 40,000,000 2023
China 43,000,000 2023

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CompanyEgg Management Team

The CompanyEgg management team comes from a diverse background with a common goal of helping businesses build sustainable brands online.

Sean Rigo

Sean Rigo

CEO & Founder

Sean leads CompanyEgg's Strategic Partnership and Business Development efforts. He excels in team environments and has a solid background in small business marketing, finance and IT. In 2007, after living and training in Brazil, Sean co-founded one of the fastest growing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym networks in the world. During that time, Sean became proficient in online marketing. Prior to founding and managing his own small business, Sean worked for GE's division for energy infrastructure. There, he oversaw critical water-treatment systems at industrial facilities including many high-security areas at American nuclear power plants. His finance background includes working as a licensed proprietary equity trader. An avid international traveler, Sean's personal and professional endeavors have taken him to more than 25 countries. Sean earned his bachelor's degree in communications and marketing from Bowling Green State University in 1999.

Mike Halvorsen

Mike Halvorsen

VP & Founder

Michael has spent more than 18 years building things on the Internet. For the past 12 years, Michael has focused on developing audiences and driving web traffic at massive scales for large brands, small businesses, and emerging tech startups serving various roles. He built his first website as a freelance web developer when he was only 12, and later built his first e-commerce site with more than 20,000 products for a client when he was only 14. He is an experienced programmer and web designer. He has experience programming in Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and node.js and is constantly staying ahead of the curve by experimenting with the latest disruptive technologies. Michael has an appreciation for the outdoors and enjoys rock climbing, bouldering, biking, and kayaking.

Kal Desai

Kal Desai


Kal is a qualified accountant from Australia with extensive senior finance experience across Australia, the U.K. and Middle East, specializing in the media and technology industry. Kal was previously the CFO at Zawya and was instrumental in the successful sale and transition of Zawya to Thomson Reuters in 2012. Additionally, he is the founding CFO of Careem, which was successfully sold to Uber in 2019. Kal currently holds a number of advisory positions, all focused on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses toward success.