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From small ten page websites to sites with hundreds of millions of pages, we have the expertise to help you rank and grow your Search Engine Traffic.


Getting to the Top

To get to the top, you have to follow the guidelines and rules set by the search engines. There are no shortcuts with long term SEO. If you cut a corner with someone who “promises a #1” and breaks the rules, you’ll get penalized. SEO is a long term investment. We’re “whitehat SEOs,” meaning we don’t cut the corner and break the rules like the “blackhat SEOs” do. Let our SEO Experts help you get to the top and help you stay there.

Michael Halvorsen - CompanyEgg Co-Founder
Michael Halvorsen - CompanyEgg Co-Founder

Technical SEO

While it’s one thing to be an SEO, it’s a whole another thing being an SEO at a top 30 trafficked Quantcast website and the #2 ComScore Business/Finance website. Having an extremely high level understanding on how the search engines operate and background as a programmer, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge teams he works with. With a proven track record of working across entire organizations with development teams, marketing departments, sales and product teams, and executives, Michael has the ability train and transform organizations to follow SEO best practices and increase online exposure.

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After a client begins implementing our recommendations from an audit, the impact can often be felt immediately.

Real email from a client who changed the way their software renders code per our recommendation.

Uncovering Issues

Google and Bing both have webmaster guidelines that impact a websites visibility within the Search Engines. SEO Audits are completed at the beginning of the engagement with most clients because they can uncover issues at the software and architecture level that negatively impact SEO. In many cases, entire teams of experienced developers overlook the issues because they do not understand how the Search Engines work.

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Enterprise SEO

Maximizing Your Business Reach

Platform Analysis

Many web platforms were built without SEO in mind and in many cases, SEO is an afterthought. We take an extremely close look at the software that powers your website to look for areas where improvements can be made that impact your visibility in the Search Engines. We run a comprehensive crawl of your website to inventory all your pages and understand your website.

Increase Revenue & Sales

We not only have an in-depth grasp of Enterprise SEO, but we can also help your management team asses your Online Marketing efforts. We can help you prioritize your spending and maximize your conversions by taking a close look at your campaigns. We have experience in nearly every form of Online Marketing.

On-site SEO Training

One of best ways to understand your business is to come for an on-site SEO training with you and your company. We have deep experience working across various departments within corporations to help educate each team on SEO best practices and how SEO affects their role.

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Respected industry leaders have said this about Michael Halvorsen, CompanyEgg Co-Founder:

I've known Michael for years now. Been pleased to see him grow professionally and transfer that knowledge across many successful projects. My professional respect for Michael has led to a genuine friendship. The guy is smart, very savvy about how to do business, on top of things needed to market a product or service properly. He is someone worth knowing, no doubt about it.

Duane Forrester

former head of the Webmaster Program at Bing

Mike is an asset to any team. He's got a grasp of the Web that is both broad (the how and why of site design, architecture, and optimization, and is astute at the business side of things) and deep (particularly in search engine optimization and marketing.) Ask Mike anything about semantic metadata markup, for instance -- I bet he not only knows the answer, but he's probably put it into practice and can show you the practical effect on search rankings and traffic generation. Working alongside Mike, I've had the privilege of watching his abilities up close and firsthand. I've seen him brainstorm, prototype and implement some impressive site features with real revenue-producing, bottom-line impact. If you're considering Mike for your team, I think you'll be pleased at the size of his professional toolkit, and the sharp working condition he keeps his skills in.

Bryce Glass

User Experience Expert, O’Reilly Media Author

Mike's passion about the web, it's new consciousness and SEO is apparent upon meeting him. His personal insights, confidence and quest to get better as a person and a professional is what impressed me about Mike. Mike will make you think, will challenge your world view but with the ultimate goal of making life and work a better place. I dig that approach.

John Schaffner

Lecturer at The Ohio State’s Fisher School of Business

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