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This is our best product and we've spent a lot of time getting everything right for you. CompanyEgg Local ensures your data is right and includes all your rich business data everywhere your customers are.

Learn About Local SEO

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) allows your customers to find your business online.

Watch a quick 2 minute video to learn how Local SEO can help you get more customers online in the places you visitors freqent.

Get More Customers Online

We Make Your Business Appear in Search Engines


Get Listed on Google

We'll get you listed on Google Maps and Google Local, helping you appear at the top of the search results for local searches.

Don't Forget Bing

Bing has 30% of the market share and is often overlooked. We'll get you listed in Bing Local so you'll show up there, too.

Show Up in Yahoo, Too!

We'll get you listed on Yahoo Local. is still one of the most visited websites on the Internet and many searches start from their homepage.

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Enter to Win a $5,000 Business SEO Report

Enter to win a $5,000 Business Report that shows you exactly where you stand on your local online presence. Our thorough analysis will show you where your data is incorrect. By signing up you agree to the terms and privacy policy.


A Better Way For Your Business

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Get More Customers

We'll get you listed where your customers go to find businesses like yours. We'll get you listed on the top Business Directories and Industry Specific Directories.

We Get Your Data Right

We make sure that when your customer goes to get directions or make a call, your data is correct. Bad business data can get out of hand and hurt your business. We make sure your data is right.

Reputation Management

We'll help you keep an eye on your reputation. We'll keep an eye on the total number of reviews and the average star rating across all your reviews. If a problem should arise, we're here to help you.

Keyword Rankings

Our keyword ranking reports will show you where you rank for phrases that matter to your business. We'll show you rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Monthly Progress Reports

We'll send you a monthly report that will show you how your visibility score has changed and where your data is still incorrect. Our reports are transparent and will allow you to see how we're helping your business.

Comprehensive CompanyEgg Local SEO Reports:

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Local SEO

If your business data (name, address, phone number) are incorrect throughout the local directories, it could negatively impact your exposure in the Search Engines It could also make it impossible for customers to contact you or find directions to your storefront. Local business data published on the Internet is inherently difficult to update when it's wrong – we're here to help change that.

By Google's Guidelines

We're focused on local business data at CompanyEgg. We follow the Google Guidelines. We follow the recommendations and rules they make. We're here to strenghten your business standing to create long term benefits for your business.

Comprehensive Reports

Get monthly reports that track your local citations. See how we're cleaning up your inaccurate listings and the new ones we've set up for you. Understand how you're doing.


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Supercharge Your Online Marketing

Good entrepreneurs know their strengths and weaknesses. Our strength is simple: we understand local business data better than anyone. Let us help you get more exposure online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to work?

We syndicate your data with the major search engines and claim your listings. It typically takes 1-3 months for the entire process to be completed.

How many more customers can you bring to my business?

We typically see customers getting between 10-200% more leads per month. The results for your business may be affected by many variables - like your local economy and your competition's strengths.

Why can't I do this myself?

If you spent time doing what our platform does behind the scenes, you'd easily spend 20 hours or more researching the best places to be listed and following all their guidelines. You also have to account for the time you have to spend learning all the platforms we get you listed on.

What happens when I cancel?

Unlike companies like Yext, we will not deactivate your claimed listings. They remain in your control, even if you cancel.